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Pictures from the last event by Alastair Macpherson

Join Surf Ontario for a fun day in the surf.  

Use whatever board you like, longboard, fish, shortboard, stand up paddleboard and show us what you’ve got! The past Freshest Wave events drew over 30 competitors & many spectators who watched Lake surfing come alive. The next event will be bigger and better! We have tonnes of prizes and giveaways and an insane board deal to boot.

Holding Period:

Any day from August 2015

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The Cove, Bluffers - Lake Ontario

Award Categories:

1.  Wave of the day

2.  Wave hog

3.  Most radical manoeuvre

4.  Drop in King/Queen?

5.  Biggest wave

6.  Chicks that rip

7.  Best sweeper

8.  Best Wipeout

9.  Best Bodyboarder

Please be aware:

- Everyone is welcome to attend, however participants should have adequate experience for the conditions and have their own board and winter gear.

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A Surf Ontario event

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Photographs from past events

Freshest Wave 1:

- SBC surf

- Surfline

- Freshest Wave Spring 2012 by Alastair Macpherson

- Freshest Wave 2012 by BC

- CP24 - Surfers ride the waves in Lake Ontario

- "Freshest Wave" by Gavin Fregona

- Montreal Gazette

- Pulse Image Photography

Freshest Wave 2:

- Freshest Wave by Eric Tulikorpi

- Freshest Wave by Alastair Macpherson

- Freshest Wave 2 Recap - What a day!

- CBC News - Surfing Lake Ontario